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Neem Cake Powder -1kg


  • 100 % Organic Cake Powder
  • Package Contents: 1-Packet Neem Cake Organic FertilizerColor: Brown
  • Rich in N-P-K, it is an excellent organic fertilizer, neem cake powder has been known to enrich the soil and protect the plan
  • Suitable for terrace garden, balcony garden, vegetables, fruits, flowers
  • Shelf Life: One Year

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Benefits of Neem Cake

  1. Neem cake bio-degradable and protects plant roots from nematodes, soil grubs, and white ants probably due to its residual limonoid content
  2. It also acts as a natural fertilizer with pesticide properties It will enhance the efficiency other fertilizers you use because it will inhibit nitrification
  3. Rich source of 100% natural NPK(Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium) and other Micro Nutrients
  4. It releases slowly which means the nutrient release is uniform. This ensures constant growth of your crops or plants during the growing season
  5. It gives 15-25% better yield than any other fertilizer and Safe for earthworms
  6. Improve soils organic content

How to user Neem Cake

  • 100 gms of Neem cake is required for 1 liter of water. The Neem cake is put in a muslin pouch and soaked in water. It is soaked overnight before use in the morning. It is then filtered and emulsifier is added 1ml for 1 liter of water. It can then be used for spraying or watering to plant
  • 4 to 5grams or 1 Teaspoon of neem cake can be mixed with soil for terrace garden grow bags/pot directly for monthly once or twice

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