Agni Astra (Organic Pest Repellent) - 1 liter View larger

Agni Astra (Organic Pest Repellent) - 1 liter


  • Agni astra is an organic pest repellent made by boiling cow urine, green chilli, garlic, neem leaves and other herbs to make it best repellent against harmful insects.
  • Agni astra an organic product has the potential to kill all pests (like white worm, leaf worm) from plants or crops.

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How to Use

  • Mix 30ml-500ml(concentration can be varied depending on pest) of Agni Astra in one liter of water and spray on infected plants.
  • It is important to spray before and after sunset(before 8am and after 5pm)
  • It is efficient against harmful insects.
  • Used against all types of insects and has no harm to plants.

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